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About Us

We specialize in the unexpected!

T R Banks Logistics was founded by owner’s, Terrence Banks and Jaee Robinson Banks.  Together the couple have over 30 years of experience in the Transportation Industry. As a second-generation Truck Driver, he discovered his love early on for trucking. He was fortunate enough to have a wife who also had quite a lengthy experience in the transportation industry. His love of trucking and their passion for helping others led to the couple buying multiple trucks.

After noticing deficiencies in the industry, Terrence and Jaee took a bold step of getting their Own Authority and forming T R Banks Logistics to help Shippers by delivering fair and competitive rates. They are focused on quality over quantity and with this objective in mind, customers will get unwavering attention to detail and availability.

T R Banks Logistics’ goal is to assume any pick-up and delivery worries by providing positive experiences for their customers.  They understand the intricate process of logistics that is imperative for precise results.  A team comprised of the brightest minds that are passionate about providing high quality service and on time delivery work on your behalf.


Our mission is to:

  • Provide pick-up and delivery services in the most professional and progressive manner. 
  • Deliver services in a friendly, no-nonsense, customer-focused approach that will set T R Banks Logistics LLC apart from all other organizations in the trucking industry.
  • We Specialize in The Unexpected is our company motto. We know first-hand that the Transportation World is a fast-paced industry with a lot of moving parts. We vow to be proactive and not just reactive.
  • Pay attention to the most intricate details to give our customers the best experience every time. We will operate with transparency and integrity.
  • We will always have direct contact with your freight from pick-up to delivery. We generate tracking reports daily for all freight, and you can choose to receive these by fax, email, or phone.
  • Our website allows our customers to request and view our services. Your freight will be treated with equal importance regardless of if it is going 10 miles or a thousand.
  • We will perform our due diligence on every pick-up and delivery by performing daily truck pre-trips, timely truck maintenance, and checking equipment.

Company Profile

MC# 1376234     DOT# 3561903

Scac Code: BNZS

Cargo Insurance: $250,000

Trailer Interchange Insurance: $50,000



What we offer


Intermodal / Drayage

Shipping goods a short distance via ground freight


Dry Van

53 foot trailer made for hauling dry goods



FTL (Full Truck Load). This is when the entire use of the trailer is maximized with cargo



LTL (Less than Truck Load) is typically for smaller packages. Therefore, you may see multiple delivery destinations (stops) on a trailer.


Hot Shot Load

Hot shot Loads are loads that need to be delivered expeditiously.

Years of Experience

Only the Best



Our team is available 24/7 which allows us to meet your quality requirements and timeline on a cost-effective basis.



Our goal is to fulfill the needs of our customers, but also to meet the needs of their customers. Even though, we are in a complex and competitive environment…our Expertise always exceeds Expectations.



When there is no accountability, companies run the risk of delays and customer dissatisfaction.  Our team offers the most advanced technology which enables our customers to receive a complete real-time view of their freight during transit.  We resolve any issues that may arise during the shipping process, so you won’t have to.

Carrier Agreement

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Certificate Holder on Insurance Policies. DOUBLE BROKERING / INTERLINING – Carrier agrees that all freight accepted for transport will be done so on equipment operated by and under the operating authority of carrier. Under no circumstance will carrier double broker, interline, piggyback or cause shipment under contract to be transported by any other means. If carriers fail to comply with these terms the LOAD CONFIRMATION agreement will become void, this contract will be terminated, and carrier will be forfeiting any rights they have to any revenue due for the shipment in question. Furthermore, FTS reserves the right to report such activity to any responsible governmental or generally accepted industry authority.
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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about T. R. Banks Logistics LLC, please connect with us directly at 1-800-650-5335, email us at [email protected], or fill in this form.

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